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Wreck exhibition 2012 (english)

På dansk Dansk

This is the site where we will post information regarding the exhibition held on March 3rd and 4th 2012

 Address: Grundtvigs Allé 88, 6400 Sønderborg 

Opening hours:  Saturday 10 - 17 & Sunday 10 - 14:30

The exhibition which is held every second year, is the place where the Danish divers meet to socialize, tell stories and show findings from the different wrecks around Denmark. The inside stories of the wrecks and how the artifects are preserved are told by the finders.

The exhibition is always hosted by a diving club in Denmark and is therefore dependent on voluntary work. This year the exhibition is hosted by Sønderborg Sportsdykker Klub.

 Article about the wreck exhibition (in danish): Vrag for alle i Sønderborg

PR release (in danish): Vrag PR_DK




Otter Danmark

Dykkerhistorisk selskab

Randers Sportsdykkerklub



M575 gruppen

Andreas Peter Jensen og Kurt Johansen

Korsør Frømandsklub


Rocco Hannert

 Klabautermanden / Dykkerklubben Marsvinet

Broagerlands Dykkercenter

Alpha Diving


If you are interested in a stand at the exhibition please contact

Lars Fogtman, +45 2546 5341

SSK på Facebook